Why a Sample?

Congratulations, you are engaged! Whatever journey it took to get you to this point, a wedding is a milestone event. Perhaps you are one of the girls who have dreamt of “the Gown” since you were little or maybe you are one that never gave it a second thought until now. There are two things that need to be decided pretty much right away one is the venue and the other is The Gown . There are many factors that go into deciding what dress you want to wear. The venue can dictate the style, time of year, your figure, and of course the budget.

The cost of the dress doesn’t end with just the ticket price. You must think about alterations, shoes, undergarments, and accessories. So, when deciding how much you want to spend on your wedding gown keep in mind of the other extra costs that go to completing your look. If you know anything about buying a wedding dress and most people don’t, this is a purchase that takes a lot of time and is a process. Buying a sample bridal gown can simplify this process. If you are eloping or don’t believe in long engagements and don’t have the time, then a sample solves that issue. If you are on a budget but want the finer things in life, buying a sample will give you the best bang for your buck. You could get a Marchesa , Oscar de la Renta, or Elie Saab dress for a lot less than the suggested retail that might be in great condition. Nothing feels so good than the feeling of snagging a good deal. Let’s face it throwing a wedding is an expensive undertaking and any money saved is helpful. If you are looking for a particular style but it is no longer being made you could get lucky and find a sample of it or one similar in style. Or, maybe you are looking for something unusual or unique. Many times, there will be dresses that never made it to production and one of kind first samples in a Sample Sale type store. In a way buying a sample is like buying a vintage dress, only one available. Since in a sample sale there is only one available, do your research, try on dresses before coming because if you are not ready to purchase someone else might just snag your dream dress. There are untold treasures to be found in a sample sale type store like ours. Once you find your dream dress all you need to worry about is alterations but that’s a discussion for another day…

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